Audrey Jacket and Seamwork Classroom

On Wednesday, I mentioned that I was using the Audrey Jacket pattern and the Seamwork class that goes along with it! Today, I want to get into that a little bit more.

First of all, let’s talk about Seamwork.

Seamwork is a subscription pattern company (started by the woman behind Colette Pattern company). It was started in December of 2014 and each month, they put out 2 sewing patterns and a magazine to go with it! Anyone can read the old issues of the magazine and let me tell you, there is so much good information in them.

I joined Seamwork in 2016. I was very pregnant with my son and ready to sew something for myself so I signed up and collected patterns for a couple months! I have been a member ever since!

There are three levels of membership, basic (1 pattern a month), premium (what I have, 2 patterns a month) or unlimited (all the patterns you could ever want) and you have options to pay monthly or pay for a year upfront for a discounted price.

I love these patterns so much. They are quick and fairly easy to sew and they are great wardrobe builders. I have sewn the Jenna skirt 4 times (and counting). I am also a sucker for sewing up a Clarke Top!

As a member, you get access to the recently added classroom! They currently have one full class up and one more coming. Let’s talk about the one that’s up already.

The Audrey Jacket is the class that is currently available to watch. I am using the class to make a classic denim jacket.

The class walks you through everything, from inspiration and choosing fabric to completing each step of the sewing process. My favorite part is how they break down every step into bite-sized pieces. A big project like a jacket can seem overwhelming when you look at all the instructions. But with the class, you watch the part on how to sew the collar and then, you sew the collar. You can just do that in a sewing session or you can move on and watch one more section.

If you have been eyeing Seamwork and you want to give it a try, click here to sign up and get $3 off of you first month!

That’s all for today! Happy Friday! Happy Valentines Day XOXO. Come back Monday to hear about the fancy dress that I’m working on for my daughter!

Starting my Jean Jacket!!!!!

In case you are wondering what it looks like to sew with a toddler around…

Anyway, and despite having my little helper around all the time, the Jean Jacket is underway. I tiled the pattern (I’m using Seamwork Audrey pattern and following the Audrey class that they have available to members). It was 45 pages! So it took a little while hahaha.

Ok, bad seamstress confession…. I didn’t muslin this. In my defense, I have used Seamwork for many years and I know what sizes work on me! I’m using the size 6 so hopefully this will work out. Y’all will find out in real time if this goes well haha!

So I laid out all of the pattern pieces, in no particular order, to snap a picture before I started cutting. It’s a lot of pieces!

What do you do when you cut fabric? I either listen to podcasts or watch something on TV. I think I may have confessed on here before that I am a lazy crafter (by that I mean that I LOVE watching TV while I craft). Sadly, I don’t have any shows that I am really, super into right now. What are you guys watching? During this cutting session, I watched Outlander. It’s pretty good but a little slow moving.

All right, enough about TV! I am done with the cutting portion (and have enough fabric left over to make a denim skirt!!). Cutting fabric is always the most tedious part of a project, imho. The actual sewing is the fun stuff, right? So onto the fun stuff!

Sanguine Sweater Knitting Pattern Review

Right around the time I really started seriously knitting (and was finishing my first sweater), the Sanguine Sweater by Morgan Woltersdorf hit the pattern market. It was pattern love at first sight!

I knew I had to do it. I was also at that point ankle deep in Christmas Mitten knitting (I made 6 pairs of mittens). But I gathered my materials and planned it for my Christmas Day cast on!

This sweater took all of two and a half weeks to make! It was so fast because I couldn’t put it down! It was so fun to see the colors change and how the sweater looked as it grew!

This is my first project finished in 2020 and I couldn’t be more excited with it. So let’s talk about the pattern!

  • Pattern Name: Sanguine Sweater
  • Pattern Designer: Morgan Woltersdorf
  • Yarn Used: Knit Picks DK Marino Wool in bare (dyed using koolaid)
  • Size: 3 (my measurements are 34” bust, 29” waist, 39” hips).
  • Modifications: I separated for the sleeves 3 rows early. Not a crazy adjustment but I though I would mention it.
  • Skill Level: confident beginner. This should not be your first colorwork pattern. Do a hat first (she actually has a matching hat pattern). But this was only the second sweater that I ever made. The instructions are well written and clear and constantly updated for clarity!
  • Will I make it again? Yes, probably. Living in Atlanta, this sweater is REALLY warm. It does mean that I usually don’t need a jacket when I’m wearing this sweater. I would love to make this again in pretty light neutral colors!
  • Additional thoughts: I would love to adjust the colorwork chart to make something Doctor Who for my husband however, I’m really afraid it will be too hot for him! Should I go for it anyway? I know he would love a Doctor sweater! This one is my inspiration.

Alright all, that’s it for today! I hope you have a wonderful Monday!


Rebuilding My Wardrobe: The Patterns

Now that my closet is cleaned out and I have gone over my inspiration, it’s time to make some plans for what patterns I want to use to rebuild my closet! These are really just beginning plans and I fully intend on not sticking to every single one of these patterns. Plans change, tastes and styles change so I know that this list will change over time too!

Let’s start with pants.

Ginger Jeans by Closet Case Patterns

If you are in the internet sewing world, you have for sure heard of this pattern. I am not to first to want to make them. They have been on my list for a long time. I’m seriously considering doing the class that is on the Closet Case Patterns site as well. I think it would be a great help while sewing my first jeans!

Hollywood Trousers by Liesl and Co

I love all of Liesl’s patterns. Oliver + S patterns are the patterns that taught me to sew. This is pattern is so timeless and classic. And I think that these would make the best corduroy pants. I’m also thinking that these would make a great classic black pair of pants.

Birkin Flares by Lauren Dahl

I’ve been eyeing these bad boys for a very long time! I really think the flared leg shape adds a nice variety into an otherwise straight leg wardrobe. These are definitely on my to do list.

Ok, now let’s talk skirts!

I already own a lot of skirt patterns so most of these linked, I have in my pattern stash!! YAY!!

Cascade Skirt by Megan Nielsen Patterns

I have owned this skirt pattern for a long time. I have wanted to sew it for a long time. This spring/summer, I will own and wear one of these! I want it in a fun colored print to dress up everyday wear.

Kenzie by Seamwork

Another thing I have had for a long time is a Seamwork membership. I have been a member since 2016 and I truly love it (more on that later)! One goal is to make more of the patterns that I have collected over the years. And this would be a great place to start. I will be able to wear this 3 out of the 4 seasons here so it will be a great transitional piece.

Everly by Seamwork

This is a great basic. It can be sewn in solid colors to go with everything and it can be sewn in fun colors and prints to become a more statement item. It is cut on the bias though, so any print used can not be directional prints (unless that’s the look you are going for).

Moving on to Dresses!

First let’s talk Little Black Dress. Here are some pattern contenders that I think would look great as a LBD.

Dahlia by Colette Patterns

I have had this one for a while and I think the strap-y version would make a great LBD. In fact, they have it sewn up that way as one of the samples! In the winter, a coat and a shawl or sweater can be added for warmth. In the summer, it’s good as is.

Sierra Jumpsuit by Papercut Patterns

What about a jumpsuit instead of an actual dress for fancy occasions. It would still be made in nice black fabric so it has the fancy element. I think it could look really cool.

Anni Building Block Pattern by Named

Y’all. This is so cool! I’m definitely considering adding this to my collection. You can make so many things with just one pattern. I’ve linked the version with all the add ons because you could use this pattern and make things all year. Once you have the bodice fitted to your body, the options are limitless! This is a great one!

Other dresses will come as they do! I have plenty of patterns and I will talk about those later. This is the dress that my closet needs the most!


I’m not sure where exactly I am going with shirts yet but I don’t know that I am on the hunt for my favorite woven and favorite knit tee pattern (and fabric because fabric can make a huge difference in the way the pattern fits). So I will update this later! Btw, recommendations on favorite shirt patterns are welcome!

Last group blazers.

Jazika Blazer by Closet Case Patterns

This is the only blazer pattern I am looking at right now because I really want to dip my toe in this category!

Ok, that’s all for today! If you have an patterns you love, let me know down in the comments!

I’ll pop back in on Tuesday with another post! XOXO

Rebuilding My Wardrobe: Inspiration

On Monday, I talked about cleaning out my closet. I did this to clear out the things that I don’t wear and to make room for the things that I want to make myself. To make room for the things that I truly want to wear!

But before I just dive into sewing a whole new wardrobe of things that I still might not wear, I decided to take some time to figure out what my style is and in what direction I want to take my wardrobe. If you are doing this with me, remember that it will be a process. You are not going to clear out all those clothes that you have held onto since college and BOOM! New dream wardrobe is just there! And this is especially true if you are trying to make the switch to a closet of handmade clothes.

Alright, so where do we look for inspiration for our closets? Why, Pinterest of course! If any of you are like me (and you probably are), you have been keeping a “my style” board since you started on Pinterest. And what better place to look than on your board where you have been collecting inspiration for YEARS?!

I decided to take the time to organize my board into 5 new boards. The new categories are “Jeans Outfits,” “Skirt Outfits,” “Pants Outfits” and “Dresses.” The fifth, smaller board “Blazers” is for inspo since it’s something I want to start wearing but unlike anything I have ever owned. I did not have a “tops” or “shirts” board and the reason is that there are already tops and shirts on the jeans, pants and skirts boards. Since I want to sew outfits, I will use the pictures from those boards to guide my shirt sewing selections.

So let’s dive in! Jeans Outfits is up first, as I wear tend jeans a lot.

Looking at the “Jeans Outfits” board, I am noticing a lot of neutral colored outfits with a couple pops of brighter colors. But really, white, tan, black and olive green tops dominate this board. I was surprised by the amount of light jean inspiration pictures that I have, because I don’t own white or light colored denim.

So what this category is telling me:

  1. I want to add three pairs of new jeans to my closet: A light denim, a white jean and a black jean.
  2. I definitely need a classic white button down that fits me well.
  3. A nicer cami and better looking casual shirts would suite my style well.
  4. This is definitely a little cleaner and more sophisticated of a look that what I have been wearing (and dressing nicer is a goal that I’m working towards).
  5. There is a surprisingly large amount of heels in this board and they really do dress up the outfits! But I’m not sure if I want to wear heals that often so I may need to look into other shoe options that dress up an outfit but are not heals.

Ok let’s check out the Skirt Board:

Right off the bat, this board is more colorful! I can still see a lot of the my (apparently) favorite basics; blacks, whites, tans and olive greens but I’m seeing a lot more color and print! So I’m thinking that this will be the area where I can really make my wardrobe more fun!

Here are my take-aways from my skirt board:

  1. There are a lot more pins in this board than in the Jeans board, meaning, I am more inspired by skirt outfits.
  2. I live in the South of the U.S. and it’s hot in the summer. Skirts are great for hot. I’ve always struggled with creating a nice-looking summer wardrobe and adding more skirts might be the key to looking more put together during the hot times.
  3. I have pinned a large number of circle skirts. I must like that shape.
  4. I’m drawn to reds. Most of the pops of color range from wine red to bright tomato reds! I would put the pink skirts I pinned into the red category as well, since pink is a shade of red. So, apparently I need more reds!

Next up, Pants Outfits.

I want to wear more outfits that don’t include jeans. I don’t really own many pants that aren’t jeans (the olive green ones from my last post are the only ones) but I have been wanting to add more in this category for a long time!

What I’ve learned from this board:

  1. My neutrals remain consistent. I always thought I was a navy person, but apparently I am more drawn to black.
  2. I’m really noticing how much red I add to my boards! I need more red in my real life closet!
  3. Another new color I noticed on this board, rust-orange-red. Still in the red family but I’m loving that color for corduroys! I will need to make myself some of those for sure!

Let’s take a look at the Dress board:

Dresses are another thing that get worn a lot during the summer but a lot less during winter. I do want to have a couple nice dresses in rotation for weddings and date nights and things. But the rest can be pretty casual.

Some thoughts on dresses:

  1. I love a wrap dress.
  2. Fit and flare is definitely my best style!
  3. I really, really need a little black dress.
  4. For casual dresses, longer is better since I spend my days with children 🙂

Alright, last board! Blazers:

I don’t have ANY blazers so I wanted an inspo board just for this! At the moment, I’m thinking of making two: one in olive green and one in either black or white, but those plans are likely to change depending on what I need in my closet when it comes time to make them!

Well, that’s the break down of my closet inspiration. On Friday, I will be back turning these into a sewing pattern plan! I’m going to try to use mostly patterns that I already have and only add a few patterns to my collection.

Thanks for reading yet another long post! Have a great day everyone!


Wardrobe Overhaul: Cleaning out the closet

This is a long post, y’all. Grab some tea or coffee, grab a blanket and settle in! Here we go!

In my last post, I talked about my goal for the year: to buy zero new clothes and to make more of my clothes. But in order to get ready for this, I needed to go through my closet, honestly go through my closet, and get rid of the things that I don’t love and that I don’t wear.

Let me just say that this was not easy. I pulled EVERYTHING out of my closet. EVERYTHING.

Then I turned on Behind the Design on Hulu because watching Joanna talk about designing can make any long sorting of clothing process go by faster! Hahaha!

As I watched, I separated my large pile into categories. Because the best way to figure out how many pants or shirts or tops I need to make is to actually see how many I have first!

Let’s start with pants. Below I put an X on the ones that I am not keeping.

Here’s more on what I am keeping. I’m hanging onto 2 pairs of Madewell jeans (both bought from thredup) and one pair of green chino pants from Loft. These are the pants that I wear the most. The other two that I am keeping are the khakis and the black pants (on the right side). Honesty, they don’t fit well and I don’t love them. The only reason I am keeping them because they are part of my performance uniform for community band and flute choir. I have plans to sew myself better black and khaki pants that I will get more use out of. As far as shorts go, I am keeping the black linen shorts and the jean shorts and parting ways with blue.

Let’s talk about why I’m parting ways with the two jeans (the blue and the black with the “X”). The blue jeans are some that I purchased at TJ Maxx and the pockets never stay tucked in. It makes them look like they are too small even though they fit my body decently. I know that I can make jeans with a better fit than what they are giving me. The black ones are too small. I bought them on thredup. When I am at my thinest (we all fluctuate in weight, totally normal), they fit tightly and when I am a little bit bigger, they won’t go up past my hips. There is no reason to keep items in your closet that don’t fit and that make you feel bad when you go to put them on. The blue shorts I would maybe keep, except they just don’t go with anything else that I own. I wore them maybe once last summer and I think I can make or thrift things that will serve my style better.

*On Wednesday, I will talk more about what patterns I plan to use to fill in the gaps in my closeted make a complete wardrobe so we will just leave this section here for right now!*

Ok, I am moving onto skirts:

I don’t have many which is someone I want to work on. I love wearing skirts. The only one I am parting ways with is a target skirt that sits a little too low. It doesn’t hit me in my best spot. I will reiterate; don’t keep clothes that don’t make you feel your best! That’s the theme for today 🙂

About the ones I am keeping: the blue and white stripe is a J.Crew skirt that I got from Thredup. The black skirt below that is a Madewell skirt also from Thredup. The other three are handmade skirts using Seamwork patterns (Jenna and Seneca).

Ok. Now here is a category with a bit more things. Dresses. I had a lot. And most of them I did not wear. Even though I like wearing dresses. So my goal for dresses is to sew them thoughtfully. Make versatile dresses that I will reach for constantly.

I also tried on many of my dresses during this process. Here are some of the things I noticed during this process. I had 4 black dresses (5 if you count the black and white one on the left side that didn’t allow for breathing when it was zipped up). I have bought so many dresses trying to find that “little black dress” that looks good and can be worn anywhere. So my sewing goal this year; I will make myself a little black dress!

I’m not going to go through every one of these that I kept or got rid of. Most of the ones I parted ways with I had bought when I was nursing my son and they fit my body perfectly then but do not fit my smaller chested body now. It was time to say good bye to those.

Two dresses I want to talk about really quick. One is this dress below that I made many years ago. I like it but I never wear it as a dress. I may shorten it to a peplum top. I think I will get more use out of it that way.

The other is this pinafore that I made recently. I will be changing it a bit because the shape isn’t great on me.

Ok let’s move onto the next category: rompers.

I don’t have many and the only one I didn’t wear is the brightly colored one. Not pictured is my Marigold romper that I sewed because it was in the wash.

Now it’s time to dive into the most daunting category: SHIRTS.


The ones I am donating don’t fit well, aren’t a great fabric (as in, they don’t drape well on my body) or they aren’t my best colors. I’m actually not sure that I even x-ed out all of the ones that I got rid of. But you get the point. What I need to fill in with are nice looking shirts that can be casual or dressed up. I need versatility in my shirts.

Next: Jackets

I actually own 4. Not pictured: one long fancy coat given to my by my mother-in-law and a winter ski coat that my parents bought me 14 years ago. Anyway, I would love to add a warm peacoat and a nicer looking dark denim jacket. I will sew both of these things. The denim jacket here is a lighter in color and lighter in fabric. I’m thinking about adding embroidery to make it a bit more of a fun statement thing! Another thing I would like to add to this category is a blazer or two. Maybe one in an olive green and one black one.

Onto sweaters.

Since I started knitting, I’m not too worried about this category. I will end up with some nice warm sweaters without trying too hard. The couple that I got rid of just didn’t fit my body perfectly. Honestly, some of the others will end up rotating out when I knit ones that I love more!

Ok guys, hang in there. We are so close to being done!!!!!! SOOOOO CLOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe my most lacking area besides jackets. The reason why I feel it is so lacking as well is because I wear cardigans every single winter day. To be speicific, I wear the only one that I am keeping every day. The white one shrank in the wash. The green one is too heavy for Southern winters, the grey one doesn’t look great on my but and the purple one hits my thigh in a not great area. I will probably focus on knitting more cardigans as well. Because I need a white one. Maybe I will use the Seamwork Flor pattern to make a white cardigan.

GUESS WHAT???? We did it!!!!! We made it to the end!!!

If you are still here, THANK YOU for reading this. I’m so excited you are here reading about this adventure. And as a reward, you get this picture of me with all of my give-aways, wearing no make-up and looking tired hahaha! You are welcome 🙂

Anyway, meet me back here Wednesday and we will talk about rebuilding this wardrobe, sewing inspo and some sewing patterns that I plan to use to make a cohesive closet!


Wardrobe Overhaul (and my late to the game resolution)

Hello again! Time for a little chit chat. First off, I wanted to share some of the outfits that I have been wearing that include handmade pieces. Let’s jump right into that.

Note on all of these: I will have pattern reviews for most of them coming soon! I’m working on what I want to cover in my reviews to make them subjective and informative so if you have any ideas, let me know in the comments!

This first outfit is a Liesl + Co Classic Shirt sewn in a light weight chambray paired with some hand-me-down Ann Taylor Loft Chino pants (I don’t see the exact ones that I have but these ones are super cute!). I wear this Classic Shirt a lot and I have plans to make a few more here soon!

Up next is a Tilly and the Buttons Marigold Jumpsuit sewn in a charcoal tencel fabric paired with a cowl knitted by my mother-in-law using Wool and the Gang Crazy Sexy Wool. White shirt is from Target. I wear this outfit A LOT. It is cozy and feels like wearing pj’s all day!

This outfit features one of my favorite skirts, the Seamwork Jenna (I currently have two of them with plans to make two more, one for me and one for a friend!). This one is sewed up in a black and white large gingham from It is paired with black tights and an emerald green sweater from Target.

Here, again, is another Seamwork Jenna, this time sewn in a gray linen blend fabric by Robert Kaufman. The exact color isn’t available anymore so here is a close match! That one has a bit more of a tan hue to it that I think it would make a lovely and versatile skirt. I have paired it here with black tights and a striped top from Madewell (old).

Last but not least, and maybe one of my favorite recent makes, is the Sanguine Sweater that I made using kool-aide dyed yarn from Knit Picks. I snagged the yarn during one of the sales and got it for a great price! I’m wearing the sweater here with my thrifted Madewell jeans (check thredup regularly if you like madewell jeans, they always have some!).

Ok now that we have looked over what I have been wearing (and these are honestly the outfits I am wearing on repeat), I want to talk a little about resolutions and goals for this year.

I know, I know. It’s basically February. But sometimes it’s nice to dip your toe in the water and see what you really want this year to bring you! Throughout January, two big things have been popping up in my head. One: I have decided to stop using the phrase “I have to” and have replaced it with “I choose to” or “I want to.” This has helped me lots in getting through tasks that are otherwise not fun and therefor, usually get put off. Like laundry. When I “have to” do laundry, I avoid it and it becomes a stresser in my life. Now that I have made it a choice, I can choose to put it off and have a huge pile or I can choose to do it. It’s on me! My decision! I know it seems small, but for me, wording makes a world of difference in how I perceive the situation.

Ok #2 (and arguable more important to this blog): I am not going to buy a single new garment this year. The reasons for it are largely because of the impact of fast fashion on our earth and our fellow humans but are also to push my skills. I want to either sew or thrift all the things this year. In my top nine sewing post, most of the things I want to tackle are the harder things that I have put off. And now I feel like it’s really time to dive in and push myself to do the hard things that have been scaring me.

I’m going to start next week by pulling out all of my clothes and going through them. What do I actually wear? What don’t I wear? What things do I want to have in my closet in order to make a cohesive wardrobe?

We will find out! Tell me about your goals! I know so many people have done capsule wardrobes and have Marie-Kondo-ed their lives. Are you one of those people?